Meet the woman who is making women self dependent

Jan Shiksha, Jan Sharnam’s education programme for children, has made a significant impact on their lives. It relies on learning not just through the classroom, but also focuses on child development through fun-filled activities such as art &craft, singing, and dancing.

Despite the success of the Jan Shiksha programme, Ranju Shah, who helps in running the education programmethat provides education to 120 children, looked beyond the happy faces of the children who came to the centre. She, being a mother herself, saw the plight of the mothers of these children. Most of them worked as domestic help in the locality, being paid a fraction of the amount they deserved for the work they did. This also led to their kids getting distracted due to their constant absence. Most of these women were uneducated and couldn’t find employment, despite some of them being the sole bread earners of their family.

“I want these women to feel happy about the fact that they earn for their kids without neglecting them, I don’t want them to feel as if they can’t give time to their kids.”

Keeping this in mind, Ranju Shah, along with Jan Sharnam, started the Silai Kendra where around 20 women, along with a few girls, sew clothes and sell them to earn a living. Mrs. Shah is proud of the fact that she has enabled these women to earn for themselves, without having to work for someone else. This also brings them closer to their kids, allowing them more time to look after them.

The centre has been operating successfully for the past 5 months and has helped change the lives of many women, making them self-dependent and enabling them to feed and nurture their children. Ranju Shah hopes to expand the centre to include beautician training as well, and with your support, she can do that.

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